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Coupon FAQs

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Coupon FAQs

What is a Repair Savings Account? 
A Repair Savings Account is exclusive to King Collision Center. When you see our coupons in the blue United Coupon envelope that is mailed to your home, you can “Deposit” them into your personal coupon savings account. Once deposited, you can throw away the coupon because it will be on-file with us. You can accumulate your savings with each new coupon issued in the blue United Coupon envelope. It is much easier than trying to save crumpled coupons that end up lost! You just never know when you will need our services, so start saving now!

Why should I open a Repair Savings Account? 
Statistics prove the average person is involved in an auto accident 7 times during their driving career. And while you may not need us today… you are likely to need us down the road. Your repair experience will be even better if you can save some money!

How much can I save by using a Repair Savings Account?
You can redeem coupons from your account for up to 10% of total repair bill. For example: Let’s say you have $250 saved in your Repair Savings Account. Your vehicle is repaired and the total repair bill is $1,500. You can use $150 ($1,500 x 10%) from your Repair Savings Account towards your balance due. The unused portion of your savings is still saved in your Repair Savings Account for future use. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is prohibiting us from allowing consumers to use their repair savings account towards any repair where insurance pays all or part of the repair. If your repair is covered in part or in its entirety by an insurance company, your entire savings account balance will still be there down the road when you need it, for non-insurance paid work. King Collision Center is working hard to change this outdated regulation, but we need to obey the rules. No cash value will be awarded if you have no balance owed on your repair. Just one Repair Savings Account can be established and redeemed per person.

How do I redeem my coupons?
It’s Easy! When you come to King Collision Center to set an appointment for repairs, just tell us you have a Repair Savings Account with us. We will look up your account and apply the eligible savings to your final bill.

Can I share the balance in my Repair Savings Account? 
Yes you can! With your pre-approval, a family member may redeem savings from your Repair Savings Account too. Don’t let the balances expire, use them or share them while you can! Remember you can only redeem from one account per repair.

How long do I have to use the savings in my Repair Savings Account? 
The savings in your Repair Savings Account does not expire. However, you must register the coupon before the expiration date on the coupon.

How Many Coupons May I Register?
You may register 1 coupon per code.

*Please Note: Repair Savings Account may be subject to change without notice.