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You just want your vehicle back, right?


That’s why we’re always working to streamline our repair process by investing in the latest technology, providing our technicians with the best industry training, and strengthening our relationships with every major insurance company to ensure that your vehicle gets restored to pre-accident operation, safety, and value in the fastest time possible.

To learn more about the steps involved in your repair, view the slideshow below:


Your vehicle is thoroughly inspected to identify and document all damage to create a complete repair plan, which your Insurance company must review and approve before any actual repairs can begin.


All of the required parts for your vehicle are ordered and delivered to King Collision.


A computerized measurement system is used to analyze the structural damage to your vehicle.  When done, your vehicle’s unitized body will be returned to factory specifications.


Your vehicle begins to come back to life as exterior panels are repaired and installed according to exact specifications.


All panels are prepared for refinishing, then primed and sealed to ensure good adhesion when the final color and clear coats are applied.


Final moldings and detail pieces are attached to the vehicle in the reassembly area.


Four separate QV stations are utilized throughout our repair process to ensure a high quality repair for every vehicle, every time.


Prior to delivery, every vehicle receives an interior and exterior cleaning.


When you pick up your repaired vehicle, we will review your final bill and our Lifetime Warranty.  We will accompany you to your vehicle and explain the repairs to ensure your complete satisfaction.  In the end, we hope you will think your vehicle looks better than it did in the showroom!


  • All repairs will be completed by expert I-CAR certified trained technicians.
  • Our Appraisers will work with your insurance company to ensure that your vehicle receives a complete, high-quality repair.
  • Log on to AutoWatch and follow your vehicle through our repair process in real-time. You will receive regular updates from us on the status of your vehicle via phone or email.
  • Daily pictures of your vehicle will be uploaded onto our website for you to see
    (You should always feel free to call or email us with any questions).
  • If anything should delay your repair (for example: back ordered parts, insurance approval, waiting on paperwork, etc.), you will be made aware of these delays as they happen.
    The reason for any delays will be thoroughly explained to you, as will the steps we’re taking to get you back on the road as fast as possible.
  • Your vehicle will be restored to pre-accident operation, safety and value.
  • We guarantee all of our repairs with a free Lifetime Written Warranty.