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Although every auto body shop must comply with a wide range of environmental regulations, King Collision recognizes that there are still significant opportunities to prevent pollution and reduce its carbon footprint through additional green practices. That’s why we’re always incorporating new ways to “green up” our shops.

Here are some of the ways King Collision

is going green:

    • Smoke free facilities
    • Sheet metal; damaged and scrap metal is recycled
    • Low VOC products (paint & material)
    • Cardboard is recycled
    • Used parts; utilize like, kind & quality parts when possible
    • Thinner waste is recycled by licensed waste haulers
    • HVLP (high-volume, low-pressure) spray guns; better for the environment
    • Paint gun washers; reduced the amount of solvent used to clean paint guns by 80%
    • Air make-up systems in all shops; remove welding fumes and dust in the air
    • Paint Mixing System designed to color match and mix the proper quantity of paint for the repair, limiting product waste
    • Air condition recyclers are owned and operated
    • Car batteries; recycled by licensed dealers
    • Spray booth; VOC (volatile organic compound) is filtered resulting in clearer air
    • Fluorescent Bulbs; returned to manufacture for recycling
    • Filters; tested to be non-hazardous waste
    • Detailing Products; water soluble
    • Paper Towels; for cleaning spray guns disposed as hazardous waste and disposed of by licensed waste hauler
    • Used Oil; recycled by licensed dealer
    • Used Anti-Freeze; recycled by licensed dealer
    • Motion-activated, energy efficient fluorescent lights in all office spaces
    • Use of waterbourne paints

logo_low_vocIn 2010, King Collision was invited by the EPA to be a panelist for their webinar, “The Green Auto Body Shop: How to Comply, Save Money & Prevent Pollution” due to our longstanding commitment to green products and practices.